Our Business Units:

1.Consultancy and Accompaniment
2.Training and Coaching
3.Market analysis and Assessment
4.Research& Report and Translation

Majalat consultancy and Training Services:

Business Units

Business Unit 1: Consultancy & Accompaniment

a)Business and Financial consultancy

b)Participatory and Islamic Finance and Crowd-funding

c)Market opportunties

d)Accounting and tax advisory

e)Managerial procedures

f)Start-up Financing

g)Human ressources consultation

Business Unit 2: Training & Coaching

a)Islamic Finance and Participatory banks

b)Islamic Microfinance and Crowd-funding

c)General and cost accounting principales

d)Human ressources development

e)Strategy and marketing

f)Languages and communication

g)Arbitrage and mediation technics

Business Unit 3: Market analysis &Assessment

a)Financial Analysis and assessment

b)Shariah Audit

c)Accounting solutions

d)Marketing and sales analysis

e)Poverty alleviation and Microfinance opportunities

f)Smart Partnership proposals and networking

Business Unit 4: Research&Report and translation

a)Economic and financial research

b)Social structure research

c)Business performance report

d)Accounting and Audit report

e)Guidelines establishment

f)Translation support in Arabic, French and English

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